Rodolfo Del Corona's Opera Academy

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For years under the guidance of the mezzo-soprano Laura Brioli, the Musical Institute Rodolfo del Corona, the ancient school of the city of Livorno, has established itself as a reference point in the field of lyric singing.

Mezzosoprano of international renown, lecturer in singing and graduated in Artistic Vocology at the University of Bologna Laura Brioli, thanks to her almost thirty-year presence on Italian and foreign stages, gathered important personalities from the Italian opera scene within the Academy Lirica Rodolfo del Corona, now in its third edition, to give life to an important course of studies of refinement of vocal and actor technique in the lyric repertoire dedicated to lyric artists.

The young singers will be led on a training course for a period of six months from January to December 2020 on a monthly basis, instructed by directors, orchestra conductors, artistic directors and theater agents who will take turns in vocal technique lessons, scenic interpretation and musical. Conferences are held by specialist figures such as phonotherapist, posturologist and musicologist.

As a corollary of the training, which also involves the comparison with the public in the management of emotions and performance, opera concerts will be organized accompanied on the piano at the Bottega del Caffè in collaboration with the Vocal Academy City of Livorno, where the artists will perform in accompanied lyrical concertos on the piano open to citizenship.

These are all names of professors of the Accademia Lirica Rodolfo of Corona 2020

Conductors: M ° Daniele Agiman, M ° Matteo Beltrami, M ° Carlo Bernini, M ° Giovanni Di Stefano, M ° Valerio Galli, M ° Mauro Trombetta

Directors: M ° Gianmaria Aliverta, M ° Renato Bonajuto, M ° Vivien Hewitt, M ​​° Alberto Paloscia, M ° Aldo Tarabella, M ° Stefano Vizioli

Musicologists: M ° Cesare Orselli, M ° Fulvio Venturi

Conferences: Dott.ssa Michela Cavagnaro Expert in Posturology, RPG Technician, Prof. Fabio Matteucci Specialist in Otorhinolaryngology, Audiology, Phoniatrics

Accompanying pianists: Maestro Flavio Fiorini, Maestro Scilla Lenzi, Maestro Laura Pasqualetti, Maestro Andrea Tobia.