Lipari Lilla


Lilla lipari was born as a pop singer, studying Loretta Martinez's VMS method and the Speech Level Singing Italia method. She graduated with Will Bond, a teacher from the prestigious City Company Theater School in New York in acting techniques. She attended the "Artimbanco" theater school for several years. She has experiences as a voice actress in a television series and animated film, directed by the director Enzo D'alo '. She achieves the first level of Jo Estill's Estill Voice Training technique, with the teacher Alejandro Martinez. She continued his studies by starting a classical path in opera singing with the teacher Laura Brioli. With Maestro Cristiano Grasso and later with Maestro Ruben Sapio she combines artistic experience with love for the little ones, transmitting to his students the passion for music through play, leaving them free to discover and express their own personality.