Gualandi Irene


During her studies, she approached composition (traditional and electroacoustics), being able to perform her compositions at the Goldoni Theater in Livorno on the occasion of the 2019 Memorial Day.

Thanks to the study of the violin, as a second instrument, she participated from 2017 to 2019 in concerts and works of the "VinOperArte" Association, as well as in the operatic representation of "Brundibar" at the Goldoni Theater.

She also cultivated a choral training, starting from 2015 in which she began to study choir and the technique of opera singing with Maestro Laura Brioli. Since the same year she has been part of the school choir of the Liceo Musicale of Maestro Paolo Filidei. She was part of the Vocal Academy of the city of Livorno and since 2018 she is part of the Rodolfo Del Corona Choir directed by Maestro Luca Stornello with whom she participated in the Masterclass for choral training held by Maestro Marco Berrini. Since 2017 she has participated in operetta performances such as "Elisir d'amore", "Acqua cheta" with the VinOperArte Association. In 2017 she participated as a member of the choir added to the representation of "Iris" by P. Mascagni and in 2018 as a chorister actual "Yes" of the same, both representations of the Goldoni Theater.

In 2017 and 2018 she taught modern guitar in the parish of San Matteo in Livorno and from 2017 she teaches classical guitar at the Rodolfo Del Corona music institute.

In 2019 she graduated with honors from the Liceo Musicale and currently attends the faculty of Letters at the University of Pisa.

She began studying guitar at the age of eleven, under the guidance of Maestro Marco Gammanossi, at the "G. Borsi" musical secondary schools. In 2012 she began to participate in projects of the ISSM P. Mascagni such as the Livornese Youth Orchestra and the master classes of guitars of Maestro Nuccio D'Angelo, teacher at the conservatory of Livorno. She continued her studies at the Liceo Musicale of Livorno with M ° Veronica Barsotti, thanks to which she participated, as a soloist, in many concerts of the Pontedera Guitar Academy from 2016 to 2019. She participated in concerts, essays and musical reviews with the orchestra, the guitar ensemble and the choir of the Lyceum. In 2016 she took part in the National competition for music high schools in Verona in the open category, winning the second prize. In 2017 she performs a solo program, accompanied by an orchestra, on a concert tour (Ischia Music Festival, Auditorium of the Teatro di Torre del Lago, Church of Santa Caterina of Livorno etc). She participates in Masters from Maestro Nicola Campanile in Cascina (2018 and 2019), from Maestro and composer Vito Nicola Paradiso in Pisa (2018) and from Maestro Giampaolo Bandini, concert performer and guitar teacher at the Boccherini conservatory in Lucca (2019).